NJ Personal Trainers

At GT, our commitment to individualized fitness means connecting clients with the best trainers in the industry. That’s why our space is home only to those trainers who are proven experts in their field, with the very latest New Jersey certifications and licenses.

Here you’ll find some profiles of trainers and coaches currently utilizing space at GT Fitness Concepts. We think you’ll agree, these training gurus are great at what they do!

New Jersey Fitness Trainers - Clifton, Woodland Park, Livingston


Owner of GT Fitness Concepts

George has over 15 years experience in helping people get to their fitness goals. He is always educating himself and up on the newest studies which ensures his clients the most results and gives every person the service they deserve. George will help you find your inner motivation to get fit and stay fit. With his cutting edge style, George will never have a boring workout for you!

George holds a N.A.S.M. certification and a degree in Exercise Science.

New Jersey Fitness Trainer Ivy Tsemberlis - Clifton, Franklin Lakes, Short Hills


Owner of GT Fitness Concepts

Ivy has devoted her whole life to health and wellness. She knew at a very early age she wanted to make sure people reach their fitness goals and change people’s lives forever. Ivy believes that fitness starts with the desire to change. And with a little motivation and knowledge from Ivy, you are well on your way to making a life transformation. She specializes in weight loss, injury prevention, flexibility, and improving overall health.

Ivy holds a B.S. in nutrition, several A.C.E. certifications, and specialty certifications in cancer exercise, flexibility, and kettlebells.

NJ Trainer Helping Clients Stay Fit - Franklin Lakes, Caldwell, Short Hills


Coach Kay has a relentless innovative mind and a passion for getting people in shape, and helping them stay fit and healthy. He is one of New Jersey’s top running coaches and personal trainers. Whether you’re looking to run your first mile or your first marathon, Coach Kay will get you there with a solid plan and positive, supportive training. Coach Kay is personally committed to his clients’ success. Knowing what to do, how much to do, and when to do it can sometimes be difficult and confusing. Coach Kay will design a program for you that will take your fitness to another level. He believes fitness is NOT a destination. It’s a journey; and that small daily improvement over time leads to stunning results!

Clifton Personal Trainer Robert La Parte - Woodland Park, Caldwell, Livingston


With over 15 years experience, Rob has met and conquered the fitness challenges his clients faced. Specializing in weight management and performance training, Rob pieces together the many facets of exercise, nutrition and wellness to aid you in attaining your goals sooner. Rob’s “Workout College” will not only get you in shape it will make sure you understand why and how you arrived at your fitness goals, providing you with the game plan to effectively approach your fitness endeavors on your own. Absolutely Empowering!

NJ Fitness Trainer Mark Aue - Clifton, Woodland Park, Livingston, Caldwell


Mark has worked with clients of all ages with an array of physical fitness levels.  He is certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine which is one of the top certifications in the industry.  Mark has worked as a personal trainer for over five years as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor.   Although Mark can help people with any of your fitness needs, his passion is sports specific training which includes baseball, football, and basketball.  Whether you are trying to attain a higher score on your physical agility section of the Civil Service test, Chief’s test, or Firemen’s test, Mark is the “go to” guy you want to train with!

Andrea Carr


Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, or are ready to advance to the next level, Andrea can take you where you need to go!  Andrea has trained a wide variety of clients of different ages, fitness backgrounds and physical limitations.  While one-on-one training is her primary focus, she enjoys motivating small groups into getting a heart pumping work out while having fun! Andrea will incorporate a mixture of cardio endurance, core and strength training tools and formats into each workout to give her clients the work their bodies require to see results.  Whether you want weight loss, or you seek a firmer body, Andrea will have the right workout for you! Andrea is certified as a master trainer with AAAI/ISSA, Les Mills Body Pump, Group Fitness AAFA, Sports Nutrition AAAI/ISSA as well as

Master Trainer with AAAI/ISSA
Les Mills Body Pump
Group Fitness AAFA
BS Dietetics Montclair State
Sports Nutrition AAAI/ISSA

NJ Personal Trainers Roy Hinchman


With over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry, Roy is the “go to” guy for any fitness goal! Whether you are an adolescent, teenager, or adult, Roy is prepared to give you just the right guidance to give you the drive you need to become a healthier individual. Roy has worked with boys and girls individually as well as teams. Athletes consist of a wide range of skill level, abilities and age – 7 yrs. old beginner athletes to professional adults. Roy owned and operated a private training facility, has worked in a corporate fitness field, and has worked in many schools. Because of his years of experience, Roy can easily work with anyone to achieve the goals of the client!

Personal Trainers Tyler


Tyler is a young, eager and motivated fitness professional. She aspires to continuously develop skills that will allow her to work with a wide range of people with individual fitness goals. Although she can adapt, she seems to have found her niche training young, like-minded females trying to transform into strong and confident women. They say fitness is 80% mental and 20% physical. Working with Tyler will help you transform your mindset as well as your get you to your optimal physique.

Personal Trainers Adriana


Adriana breathes the fitness lifestyle.shes been playing sports since she could remember. Her drive to be better gets stronger everyday. She’s trained clients from teenagers to clients in their 70s. The dedication and passion she has for fitness industry shows in her physique and her attitude. Every single day she pushes herself to the limits but also her clients to be the best version of themselves physically and mentally.

Personal Trainers Deborah


Deborah has been working out for over 30 years.  She is a retired teacher and is now certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer.  Being a life long learner, she will constantly challenge you and continually research the latest and most effective exercise techniques.  With her ability to motivate, encourage and lend support, she is able to help her clients reach their full potential. Balance, flexibility, strength and technique are the foundations of her workouts.